"Our students are so excited when they know a grand buddy visit is coming up. They love interacting with the grand buddies and many are developing relationships with these elders. They enjoy listening to stories about when the grand buddies were young and comparing their lives to their own. We love watching how happy our students and their grand buddies are when they are together. It is heartwarming to see the connection between our 5-7 year olds and their 80+ year old grand buddies."

- teachers participating in the program

"I love spending time with my grand buddies, especially when we get to colour!"

- little buddy, age 7

"I really enjoy when the little buddies come to visit us. They are so full of energy and life and bring joy to my day."

- grand buddy, age 86

Intergenerational programs increase self-esteem and feelings of well-being for older and younger participants. Friendships between older and younger people help make communities stronger.
— Government of British Columbia
25% of residents aged 65 and older say they do not feel a sense of community belonging
— Vancouver Coastal Health, 2015
Through interacting with seniors, young students can connect their learning about lifespan, health and aging to real life and have the opportunity to understand and practice empathy and compassion with seniors
— Machir & Skinner, 2004